Rememberance: Bernie Cutler, KB6NR.

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Bernie Cutler, KB6NR (formerly WN6TQT, WB6TQT)(SFVARC @ Robert Fulton Jr. High School, 1965)

August 2006

I met Ted Ryan in 1965 when a ham friend invited me to a San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club meeting.  Ted was the official greeter and he welcomed each guest with friendliness and sincerety that made them feel comfortable and important.  His enthusiasm was so infectuous that I could not wait to join the club.  I soon found myself in the W6SD sponsored Novice class taught by Ted.  Ted was a marvelous teacher and spent enough time with each student to keep them up to speed and maintaining interest.  His ability as a teacher was high lighted by the large percentage of students learning and passing the Morse Code requirement.  Ted's shop (home garage) was always open on Saturdays for anyone needing extra help, wanting Ted to check out their equipment, or just hanging out and talking radio.  With all the accolades and endorsements it is obvious to see that Ted impacted amateur radio and a very large and positive way.  Ted, I respect your memory and miss you very much.