Rememberance: Larry Goldstein, WB6DQI.

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Larry Goldstein, PhD, ex-WB6DQI (1970).(JB).(Originally licensed as WN6DQI).

I took electric shop from Ted Ryan in the 7th grade in
1970 at John Burroughs Junior High. He was great
dealing with all the kids. For starters, I remember
his shop safety show during our very first days with
his tips on what not do to, where there were cartoons
of clueless freshmen like us, in primitive bearskins
no less, running amok around the shop with hot
soldering irons. By the way, I think we hit it just
right to be the very last group who actually heated
those heavy irons up in gas fired ovens.

As he was with so many others, Ted was a prime
influence in introducing me to the wonders of Amateur
Radio. And like he did so generously with others, he
allowed me into his house where I was given the
exciting opportunity to actually broadcast my voice
(under his guidance) while, as a novice at the time, I
was restricted to only mere dots and dashes while on
my own.

One year he took on the responsibility of sheparding
our group to the overnight Hamfest near Vandenberg.
And I learned then just how invaluable he was when it
came to helping the kids out, whether it was in
passing those tests, or really, anything else. On that
trip I remember having scampered up the side of a hill
on some rocks, and then, looking down, suddenly not
feeling so comfortable about coming back. Somehow he
was immediately standing right below me. He probably
had run over but it seemed to me that he had been
there the whole time. Then so calmly, with a gentle
voice not showing the slightest sign of worry, or
irritation for that matter, he easily directed me to a
safe descent.

In hindsight, I'm not surprised now to find so many
whose lives he touched, and who now remember him so

What a great guy!

Larry Goldstein is now a Professor of Mathematics at USC.