Operating JBARC, W6TDM

Welcome to the Ted Ryan (WB6JXY) Memorial Amateur Radio Club. Memorial Page. 1970-1971: Photos, JB. 1971, Ted's Birthday @ JB's Electric Shop. 1972, Ted Outside Electric Shop. 1973, 1975-1976: Photos, JB 1976, Ted's Home Station. 1976, Field Day @ W6SD. 1977-1979: Photos, JB. 1980-1983: Photos, JB. 1989, Instructional Video: Ted Teaches Teachers How to Teach Morse Code. Ted's Master Class for Code Teachers Operating JBARC, W6TDM. Rememberance: Roger Ryan, AA6EO. Rememberance: Bernie Cutler, KB6NR. Rememberance: Lou Caldwell, W7HX. Rememberance: Scott Bornstein, WN6DLM. Rememberance: Larry Goldstein, PhD, WB6DQI. Rememberance: Carole (Chava) Danielson, WN6DQK. Rememberance: Dan Waxer, MD, WB6HBC. Rememberance: Murray Maidan, WN6LNZ. Rememberance: Michael Waxer, AIA, WB6IXP. Rememberance: Cliff Cheng, PhD, AC6C Rememberance: Marty Joel, WB6JFO Rememberance: Darryl Harris, WB6FWM. Rememberance: Colman Fockens, KA6AFO. Rememberance: Madeline Fockens, KB6IS. Photos: JB and its Club's Rigs. Proclaimation: California Governor, Field Day, 2006, W6SD. Photos: Reunion @ W6SD's Field Day, June 24, 2006. Photos: Reunion @ W6SD's Field Day, June 23, 2007. Proclaimation: U.S. Congress. Proclaimations: California State Senate and Assembly. Proclaimation: LA School Board at JB, Sept. 2006. Photos: Visit to JB, 2006. Proclaimations: LA City and County. Links. 

Operating the John Burroughs Jr. High School, Amateur Radio Club, Edward Tapscott Memorial Amateur Radio Station, W6TDM

[Editor's Note - If you have any photos of our club station, please email them to me in .jpeg format. 73s, Cliff, AC6C].

1976, Cliff, WN6JPA, now AC6C, Operating the Club Station

1976, Roger, Roger Club Certificate

When the low bands were not open, Cliff, WN6JPA, now AC6C, got on 2 meters, where he met a delightful fellow, Al Glasser, K6RFU, or RuFu as everyone called him.  RuFu was proned to saying "Roger, Roger"  a lot.  So he started-up the Roger Roger Club - given to anyoen hwo said Roger Roger to him in QSO.  

TR-44 Rotor Control

Here is a replica of the rotor control head we used at JB.  This control turns the direction of our beam antenna.  Kids loved to play with the beam and watch and rotate in different directions.  We do not have the original as it was likely lost after Ted's medical leave and electric shop was dismantled.  Thanks to ____ for the replica posted below.