Rememberance: Carole (Chava) Danielson, WN6DQK.

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Carole (Chava) Danielson, ex-WN6DQK.

I remember us as a great group. It didn't seem unusual at the time to be doing something new, starting a new club. And I don't think the girls in the class considered ourselves special for being radio operators. It was a part of the time; we were surrounded by women doing things they weren't expected to do. If you told me then that we would still be having  conversations about the role of women 30 years later, I would have dismissed it out of hand.
At one of our meetings there was some sort of a contest. I can't remember what it was, but somehow I won. The prize was this 78 recording of an Irish tenor, John McCormack singing a popular song from the early 20thC. It was clear that Mr. Ryan loved the record very much and wanted to know that it would be appreciated.I have, over the years become very interested in opera and have carefully moved this recording along with my other period vinyl:  Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Jimmy Cliff, and a lot of opera. This is the last 78 I own; I knew eactly where it was when I was contacted  for this website and now need to find a turntable with a 78 setting to play it again.

Carole (Chava) Danielson
John Burroughs Jr. High, class of 1971